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Meet Our Team

Courtney Graham

Front Office Coordinator

Courtney is a second-generation Nevadan and a graduate of McQueen High School. She is the mother of two young sons. The family adores their two Geckos; Baby Yoda and Zippy enjoy eating crickets and spending time with Courtney and the boys.

Courtney is no stranger to the field of dentistry. She’s been active in the community for 22 years. She has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education but decided a career in dentistry was better suited for her. She wears many hats being an office coordinator at a busy practice. The most favorite aspect of her job is dealing with the patients. She enjoys greeting the patients, troubleshooting, and setting up appointments. And if you are nervous about your procedure, Courtney has a knack for calming you down. She helps to ease your mind about different procedures and any anxieties that come along with them.

She enjoys running, hiking, camping, and yoga. Although she admits that with her busy family life, she doesn’t do any of these often enough. Running is one of her favorite activities. What she loves about running is the peace and solace she receives when she’s on her own time and in her head with nobody else around.

As a new member of Rores Family Dentistry, she is happy to be in a practice that genuinely cares about its patients. Courtney’s warmth, thoughtfulness, thoroughness, and intelligence are a welcome addition to the team.

Megan Bingham

Dental Assistant

Megan chose dentistry as a career path early on. As a kid, she knew she wanted to be in the healthcare industry, and that’s when she discovered dentistry. Her dentist happened to attend her church and encouraged her to choose dentistry. She explored becoming a dentist, hygienist, or dental assistant before graduating from Reno High School. She chose dental assisting because she loves being on the treatment side of dentistry and assisting in so many different dental procedures.

While there are no formal dental assistant education requirements, Megan chose to attend Truckee Meadows Community College for two years to earn an Associate Degree in Applied Science. She felt it was essential to receive the most comprehensive career training possible and feel confident working as a dental assistant. For the last decade, she’s enjoyed her career as a dental assistant.

Megan was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and moved to Reno in 1997. She is married, and they have a female pet rabbit, Newt. Megan’s love of rabbits started long ago. She went to the pet store to buy a fish, but then saw rabbits in a cage next to the door. There was a bunny in a cage who older rabbits were harassing. She couldn’t resist and bought the bunny. She describes rabbits as a cross between a can and a dog. Newt has no cage as she is litter trained and loves being with people.

When she’s not working, she loves doing anything outdoors. She enjoys hunting, fishing, and camping with her husband. She’s a self-professed tomboy and has some impressive skills when it comes to construction. She’s assisted her husband and his family build cabins and gates on their Eureka, Nevada hunting property.

Rores Family Dentistry is a good fit for Megan. She likes the active role she plays in the office and enjoys being part of the team. Megan has a unique ability to calm down even the most anxious patient. She does it with humor, patience, and education. When you are in the chair with Dr. Rores, she’ll give you a play-by-play of what is happening and what to expect. And if you ever feel uncomfortable going to the dentist, don’t worry; she’s got a solution for that too. She’ll encourage you to raise your left hand so you can take a rest.

Melissa Grant

Dental Hygienist

Melissa was born and raised in Elko, Nevada. After high school, she moved to Reno to attend UNR and then went on a semester abroad in Spain. She then attended dental hygiene school in Las Vegas. In 1998, she started practicing in Reno. She and her husband moved to San Diego seven years later, where she practiced for 12 years. A three-year stint in Texas followed before she returned to Reno.

She loves to travel, cook, and is the ultimate hostess when it comes to entertaining. When she met her husband, it was love at first sight, and a whirlwind romance ensued. They’ve been married 17 years and have a 13-year-old son and an 11-year-old Saint Bernard, Joey. When it comes to dogs, it’s all about go big or go home. They are dog lovers who love finding big dogs through dog rescue organizations. Their last prior to Joey was a Great Dane.

Melissa is an outdoor enthusiast. She enjoys paddle boarding, hiking, taking walks and is a devout Pilates advocate. Many dental hygienists experience lower back and neck problems caused by how they position themselves while treating the patient. Working for eight hours a day in this position can cause problems. Melissa attributes Pilates in keeping her healthy and her back pain-free.

As a dental hygienist, her biggest passion is connecting with patients while educating them about their teeth. She doesn’t just clean your teeth. Her passion for continuing education keeps her energized in her profession. She’s a perpetual learner who has recently learned more about occlusion, bruxism, sleep medications and sleep apnea. Go ahead, as her about tips/tricks for caring for your teeth. She’s more than happy to share what she’s learned throughout the years. She concluded, “Dentistry is not one size fits all; it’s one size fits one”. Melissa is a perfect complement to Rores Family Dentistry.